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Big Windows 10 Update August 2

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Re: Big Windows 10 Update August 2


You need to knock it off with your disgusting, bigoted comments. This is NO PLACE for such language. 

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Re: Big Windows 10 Update August 2


See my post above.

This part "transfers" a purchased Token to your Token Bucket:

Click on pictures for larger image

 Clicking one of the "purchase" links will cause that denomination of Token to be charged to your bill. It is NOT however ready for use ... it is added to an "available" category.

After clicking "purchase" watch the screen closely. A very brief confirmation screen will appear:

After the confirmation, the number of "available" Tokens will increase by one:

At this point you have been charged for the Token, you "own" the Token, but it has NOT been added to your allowance yet.
In fact it is NEVER added to your Anytime or Bonus Bytes allowance categories. however after "USE" it is added to your "Token Bytes" data bucket (#3 in the first graphic)

In order to release a Token for use we have to click the "use" button:

After you click "use" two things will occur:
The number of "available" Tokens will decrease by one
The value of the Token will be added to your "Token Bucket":

After a short delay, refresh the meter display and the Token data should be visible in your "Token Bucket":

Once in the Token Bucket, it will be automatically used if you run out of Anytime data.

Remember, you potentially have THREE  sources to draw data from:

Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am)

Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am)

Token Bytes Available (used when Anytime Bytes are depleted)

A look at your modems internal SCC ( clearly shows how much data you have remaining in each of the three categories:

And yes you can stack them up. I currently have 28 GB stored for use:

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Re: Big Windows 10 Update August 2

"And yes you can stack them up. I currently have 28 GB stored for use:"

This is so awesome.