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More On Windows 10!

Starting July 29th, Windows 10 will be available to Windows
7 & 8 users.  Check the “Coming Soon”  blue tab under the top photo on our homepage ( more information about planning for the Windows 10 upgrade. 
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The only ones seeing larger than ~3.8GB are ones where Windows Update has determined that the system needs additional drivers, or updated software from M$ to replace the old software or drivers.

Please note, if you are already getting the upgrade, Windows Update WILL say failed, since it's on a timed setup, the upgrade will not install prior to the 29th, and will not activate till they turn the activation servers for Win10 back on.

64bit installs will need pretty much the full sized install, 32bit flavors won't be downloading as much... But I don't know of many people on a 32bit operating system anymore.
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I'm still going to wait. Especially want to see how the whole automatic update thing shakes out.
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Alana Lynn Andr
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Well, "WOW"! That sort of sounds like "my" computer when I "Tick" somebody off! (Except for the part about using the internet & such--Mostly, when that happens, I have a "Paperweight" that I can play solitaire & Mahjong on!! Until Fed Agents come in & zip my hard drive....)
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