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Absolutely Useless.

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Absolutely Useless.

I have had HughesNet for close to a year now, and have been disappointed with it from day one. I just work so dang much that I haven't had the time to do this until now. Simply put, it just doesn't do what I was promised when I signed up. I was told that my initial package purchased would be "plenty" of data for just 1 person in the household. B.S. I was told that it would stream "HD" movies with no problem. B.S. When I called to complain, After "Checking out my service" the "Technician" i spoke with told me "Oh well", and that what I was getting was the best I could get in my area with the current plan. I was talked into the 30gb plan and told it would have faster download/streaming speeds and would DEFINTELY be enough data for one person. Neither of those statements turned out to be true.

Here's the truth of the matter: After around 15-30 minutes of connection failures, I can usually limp thru a movie (usually Netflix) streaming at a video quality just below 1970's rabbit ears, with it pausing to buffer every 3-5 minutes or sooner. The only e-mail I can send without it timing out is text only. No attachments. When I try to get on the internet, I have to go thru numerous "Unable to connect" or "Website too busy" screens before it will finally load the webpage(and then very slowly). The statement that the 30gb plan allows for 45hrs of HD streaming is complete and utter B.S. If I watch 6-7 movies a month, a little YouTube, and download a few emails, the data is gone. I am one person, who works all the time, and still run out of data every month. Its not like I'm sitting around burning thru the data all day and night. Oh, yeah, it somehow manages to use data even when all my devises are COMPLETELY turned of.

As far as i am concerned This service was a complete and utter misrepresentation at best, and a down right scam at worst. Judging by the other posts I have read on here, I am far from alone in this belief. I have not been given what I was promised, not even close, and plan on terminating my subscription due to a failure to provide services promised.

Digital blocking, constant buffering, and blurry video is NOT "HD". Getting mad and turning of my electronics is not the way I want to spend my precious few hours off duty.