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COVID-19 and HughesNet...

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: COVID-19 and HughesNet...

People are understandbly frustrated, and when you combine frustration with ignorance, vitriol pours forth. 


I guess you could take a break, but you're actually one of the few people left here who knows what they're talking about. 


@MarkJFine wrote:

Anyone notice how the vitriol has significantly ramped up in the last 24-48 hours?


I'm trying to hold back, but Imma 'bout to launch on one of these clowns that think they know how everything works, so maybe it's best I just not look for a while...



Re: COVID-19 and HughesNet...

2 to 3 mps. You are a lucky man.

Re: COVID-19 and HughesNet...

I have to find something else because this just isn't working for us. Streaming or otherwise.