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Cancellation policy is unsafe and unfair

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Cancellation policy is unsafe and unfair

We live in an area where high speed internet was not available when we first arrived, so we got HughesNet internet to fill the gap--it seemed to be the most highly rated dish internet service. In hindsight, we should have just paid the extra fees for unlimited phone data/hotspot connections, because the internet from HughesNet was patchy and slow, even during "fast" periods. The worst part of our experience, though, was upon attempting to end our service after almost two years of being on-time customers. Unbeknownst to us, when you cancel your HughesNet, they expect you to return a part of the satellite dish that *a professional* installed **on your roof**. If you fail to do this, you incur almost $400 in extra fees. In our case, we did venture onto our roof, once we found a friend with a ladder high enough and safe enough to make the attempt, and returned the requested part. However, we were then informed by HughesNet that there is apparently a "108 day" rule, where if you return the part after 108 days, you forfeit your $400. Never mind that you performed their extremely unsafe request and climbed onto your roof to retrieve their equipment, never mind that they now have this equipment in their inventory, never mind that you may have done this within 113 days, and never mind that you were never once informed about the 108 day policy. They are keeping your $400. Frankly, I am appalled at such a company policy. I will never again consider HughesNet as a viable option, and I would never recommend to anyone that they should go with this service for their internet. Please, save your time, money, and safety and choose unlimited data through your phone service provider.

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Re: Cancellation policy is unsafe and unfair



1.  It's too bad that you didn't sign up for and utilize the HughesNet Support Community to get help when you were having issues instead of doing so after the fact so that you can rant.


2.  Unfortunately, like many others, you dind't bother to fully research what you were signing up for before doing so.  The pieces of equipment that need to be returned for lease customers, and the fact that they need to be returned, is clearly stated in the Subscriber Agreement, which is easily found in a Google search. 


3.  As also stated in the Subscriber Agreement, the fee incurred for a non returned radio is $200, not "almost $400".  


4.  The equipment (modem, power supply and radio) must received by HughesNet within 45 days of account termination.  If that does not happen, you are charged $300 for non returned equipment ($100 for the modem and power supply and $200 for the radio).  This information is stated in the Subscriber Agreement.  HughesNet does not have anything called or remotely resembling a "108 day rule".  If the equipment is not received in 45 days from the data of account termination the fees are charged and are non refundable. 


5.  For those that do not feel comfortable with retrieving the radio themselves or asking someone else to do so, HughesNet offers a de-installation service for a fee, which is also mentioned in that Subscriber Agreement.     


Lastly, this is the HughesNet Support Community.  If you want to rant and complain, feel free to do so, but please do it elsewhere, such as social media or wherever else you like, and leave this SUPPORT Community to those who use it for which it is intended... SUPPORT.  


And you can save your reply like you gave in the other thread.  It's not needed.  

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