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Re: Cancer

So happy to hear there is some improvement. Keep fighting Greg. You can do this.

Distinguished Professor I

Re: Cancer

Way to go, Greg! The mind is very powerful, so you show those toes who's boss.



@Gwalk900 wrote:

Some possible  improvement. If I look  at my foot  and think of moving  my toes, they move. No control, no feedback  and very tiring.

Still, it's something.


Associate Professor
Honorary Alumnus

Re: Cancer

@C0RR0SIVE  thanks.


I kind  of keep  flashing  back on marsh0x  tonight.

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Cancer

@C0RR0SIVE wrote:

I really miss Marsh sometimes Smiley Sad

I take it Marsh was a much admired poster in here that passed away a while back?  Smiley Sad 

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