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Chromecasting from iPhone

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Chromecasting from iPhone


To save on my Monthly Usage, I thought I would download several titles from both Amazon and Netflix onto my iPhone from a friends home with Cable Internet. I thought I could then Chromecast my downloaded titles when I got home where I have HughesNet.


This was an awful experience, as the titles were constantly buffering and I gave up after 20 mins, with about 1 minute of actual viewing.


Question: Doesn't HughesNet support Chromecast? Am I doing something wrong?



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Re: Chromecasting from iPhone


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Re: Chromecasting from iPhone

Things you should look into and check...

1 - signal strength at both the chromecast and iphone

2 - What and how are you casting to the Chromecast?  Using a special app?  A media player on your phone? Chrome on your phone?
3 - Is the phone, and chromecast on the same wifi network?
4 - Is the filetypes supported by your phone?  Do they play fine on there?
5 - Is the app you using, possibly trying to direct stream to Chromecast?  If so, is the file type properly supported, and at the right resolution for your Chromecast?