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Data limits

  Why are there data limits?


  At first glance, data limits seem to make sense. at least for satellite systems, due to the high cost of putting a satellite in orbit, etc. OTOH I suspect that no one has ever been been turned down when trying to purchase more data. "Sorry, we can't sell you more data. our satellite is fresh out".


  Or, is that why one sees so many people here having speed problems with Hughes? Is someone who's sharing the same satellite resources constantly streaming movies?


  Unfortunately This practice has also spread to cable internet suppliers. Where it absolutely makes no sense at all.


  I've read that at one time cable isps spent about 20 percent of their revenue on basic infrastructure. Now, the cost of routers, switching equipment and other related gear has declined so much that a typical companys infrastructure costs are now only around 1.5 percent.


  Why is it just now that some companies are implementing data limits? Is it because of movie streamers like netflix and hulu?   Since some of these same companys have cable tv assets. are they trying to discourage cord cutting?


  Of course, cable data limits are as large as 1 terabyte, which we Hughes users can only dream about.



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