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First computer you bought?

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First computer you bought?

What was the first computer you ever bought?  


Though my former in-laws got my ex and I a computer for Christmas 1997, which was a Pentium 166MHz clone computer sold by a small computer store in the area, the first computer I ever bought was an eMachines eTower 366i in late 1999.  I got it from Staples or OfficeMax.  I can't remember which it was, though I remember where it was and I think it was the former.  


At that time, MSN was offering a $400 instant rebate for those who signed up for three years of their dialup service, which I needed anyway, so the computer only cost $399, and this was back in 1999!  I can't remember how much the monitor was, but it was a steal.  $400 off a computer for signing up for a service I needed anyway, and it wasn't any more per month than it would have been had I signed up in the normal way.  So, it was basically $400 for nothing.  I used insurance money that was supposed to go toward fixing my bumper on my car to pay for what the instant rebate didn't.  LOL.  I was rear ended a year later, so I ended up getting the car fixed, nonetheless.  


I used the 366i for two years, at which time I got a Dell, and I gave the 366i to my folks.  They had it for a couple of years, at which time I bought them a Gateway and then sold the 366i on eBay.  It was a great computer, built when eMachines had a very good reputation.  


A 366MHz Celeron and dialup.  How times have changed.

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