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Frustrated new customer - any chance of 14 day cancellation?


Frustrated new customer - any chance of 14 day cancellation?

Sorry my first post is such a bummer, just moved from the city where I had 500MB Comcast with a latency of 5ms to the country where I did NOT research my options well enough.  The old owners of the house had DSL and I assumed based on Hughes "upgrades" and the touted 20MBPS that I could live with this.  I don't have PSN or Xbox Live, don't online game, and usually use computers for paying bills, doing web research, and now of course... online schooling with my 3 kids.  I was told clearly on my sales call that 20MBPS was a best case scenario, and assumed it would be an off-peak use situation.

My average is 0.7 to 1MBPS.  At 8pm, at 11pm, at 1am.  


That is ghastly.  Chase banking's website won't even load... at all.   This is on a wired LAN connection directly to the Hughes net modem with wifi turned off.  I'm running my required "" tests to submit a service complaint, but I am very p!ssed.  I find the whole "cancellation and contract break" charge of $400 to be a fricking shakedown... and reluctantly agreed during our initial phone call which was absolutely my fault.  Believe me, I'm aware.  I'm hoping there is a 14 day trial type clause but I'm sure there isn't, or Hughes wouldn't keep 60% of its new customer base.  Sorry, seriously angry tonite.  My kids can't even stream basic Google classroom crap at low definition, I can't log into my new mortgage portal without L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y 35 minutes of waiting and slowly watching pages load.  I went outside to sign up my account on my daggum cell phone.  Not why I am paying $85 per month!


Okay, ranting over... but as a Service Manager myself for a large auto repair company I would be in such deep doo-doo if I sold ANYTHING that we offer with the same misleading claims as Hughes Net.  Hoping they can either fix the mess that is my download speed or get me out so I can try my other options.

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Re: Frustrated new customer - any chance of 14 day cancellation?



There is no 14 day trial, nor a 30 day trial.  The 24 month commitment is valid the instant the service goes live.  


If you're looking for help for your speed issue, you should start a new topic in Tech Support.  If both boxes at the top of this modem page are green you run some tests using this testing protocol and then post your "My Results" page URL so that your test results can be viewed.

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