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Gen 5 Data Useage

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Gen 5 Data Useage

For years we had an older HughesNet 15 GB plan and almost never ran out of data. "Upgraded" to Gen 5 30 GB plan and, over the past year, have exhausted the 30 GB with a week remaining in the cycle almost every month. I'm the only user and haven't changed my  use habits - don't watch movies, etc.  Simply web data use.


While I notice a slight speed advantage with Gen 5, it's nothing remarkable. What bothers me is that despite the claimed speed advantage and doubling my download package, I spend a week, or so, with significantly slower response. According, I regret the "upgrade" and wonder about the system's use monitoring accuracy.


Am just curious if others have a similar experence.  


I'm a new customer and am not at all satisfied with my data plan.  The 10MB teaser lasts less than a week, I'm not a heavy user.  I will not recommend this service to anyone and will be switching ASAP. 

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If you need help resolving your issues, you may want to start a new topic either under Tech Support or MyAccount and Billing


To cancel, you will need to call 866-347-3292. You may have to pay an early termination fee if you're still under contract. See

To avoid equipment charges, you will also need to return the equipment (modem, power pack, and the radio from the dish). You will get a kit to return the equipment when you cancel the account.  



Am just curious if others have a similar experence.


Had problems with Gen5 data usage ever since I "upgraded".  Google "gen5 data usage" and you'llind plenty of other people are having the same problem