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Distinguished Professor IV

Research before you subscribe

The answers given are logical and make sense -- but you seem to be going through buyer's remorse and don't want to hear it.


The information about the service and its limitations is available on this site and on the HughesNet website. I guess it didn't occur to you do do some research before entering into a contract? Was it easier to blindly believe a sales person? 

Distinguished Professor IV


@DebiS wrote:
Someone could have just told me that download speed are a system wide problem versus make me waste my time in chat and on the phone troubleshooting a non existent technical problem.  

Do you see 1.5 million complaints about speed issues from HughesNet's customer base?  1/10th that?  1/100th?  1/1000th?  No.  And the reason you don't see even 1/1000th the number of complaints is because low download speed is NOT a system wide problem. 


That doesn't mean that no one ever experiences speed issues or issues with specific activities, like streaming.

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