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Horrible Upload Speed, Week 3

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Re: Horrible Upload Speed, Week 3

We have never been able to watch any video over Hughesnet, so why have it?


I just talked to technical support and their solution is to change me to Generation 5?  And, of course, this would add to my contract length.  This service has never worked but it sounds like Hughesnet is desperate to get us to lengthen our contract, but, why would I when this has never worked.  Fool me the first time, bad on Hughesnet, but bad on me if I fall for an extension on my contract. We can't even watch 3 minute video clips!!!  Like others are saying, I need another provider?


What else is out there for internet providers for rural america?


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Re: Horrible Upload Speed, Week 3



If you'd like to try to troubleshoot your issue(s), it would be best for your to start a new topic, which you can do by clicking on the blue "Start a topic" button on the upper right while in the Tech Support section.  This will keep your issue separate from the OP's and this thread.    


As for other providers, you have Google.  This is a support site for HughesNet.  

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