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Hughes net

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Re: Hughes net

@mbah wrote:

I know exactly what your talking about. We have 20g and have our system unplugged fro 3 months because we switched to high speed with our local provider that offers 15mbs but no data gap and it works better and alot cheaper. We canceled our service with hughes last week and waiting on box to return. But for the 3 months we still had service and equipment unhooked the data was gone as soon as it reset and there's no way that is possible if equipment unhooked and nothing connected. after our 1st month of having hughes is when we started having data issues.

No, it wasn't, because the data never reset in the first place.  If the HughesNet modem is not plugged in, the data can't reset, and when you look at your data levels, whether by signing into the HughesNet website while using another ISP, or doing the same with the HughesNet mobile app, they will remain exactly the same as when you unplugged the modem.  If that was zero data remaining, it will continue to say zero data remaining for as long as the HughesNet modem remains unplugged.  If it had been 3.6GB remaining, it would continue to say 3.6GB remaining.  When the modem is plugged back in and connects to HughesNet, your data will reset. 

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Re: Hughes net

Like some others, I'm new to Satellite Internet (uppercase 1st letter as I think it's "formal" title of the subject).


But being tech oriented I'm researching as to technically how this all works including how browsers work regarding web page "loading" such as is it two way communication during a page load (long story on what I mean).  This is an example of the research.  I've never written a web  browser let alone apps that use internet access 'directly'!


Though the speed test did show 20Mbps as the speed, that is allso the capacity cap.  So it runs at 20Mbps and allows 20G total download amount as two different aspects of the sales pitch.  Fortunately I got that so it's not a worry.  I'm familiar with data caps since my previous roommate years ago had Comcast and we were hitting the data cap so very easily.  Changed to another ISP that didn't cap the download amount!


Ok, enough with my usual FYI stuff.  LOL


These corporations in trying to increase profit shoot themselves in the foot.  They try to make customers get more expensive service to be able to do video streaming of TV & movies like Netflix.  And several streaming services want you to subscribe to more services to see your favorite shows.


But that in turn leads to folks like myself not subscribing in many streaming services as I'm very restricted in how much I watch in streaming being used to HD streaming and not SD low capacity streaming.


So the ISPs like Hughes Net and many others with the data cap cause fewer folks to subscribe to several streaming services and try to avoid streaming much content as I how have to do just using Netflix!  So by normal usage I already used 40% of the data limit in 2 days?!  So I have to change my game plan and not only not subscribe to more streaming services but to limit how much I watch and download quite a bit.  I have to find alternatives that don't cost me more money (except gas to drive to the library to use their service!).


I live in a rural area (aka: in the 'wild') that has limited ISP choices due to location and lack of wired services like land line and cable!  So I have to make do as it is.  But also cannot run an online business from home as I was hoping I could do.


That's today's reality so I have to live with it while still researching options, technology solutions, and what not!  Complaints to any business normally falls on 'deaf ears', pun intended since I am a deaf person!  Rare is the company that does respond such as my previous ISP back in California in a subburb area.


I still read rants as often there is information that I did not know in either the initial post or in replies.  Got a lot to learn about satellite.

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Re: Hughes net

I like Hughes net and very satisfied but that's just my opinion

Re: Hughes net

Dang they answered me and it was first time and only had to talk to one person

Re: Hughes net

Yes, they're very good at answering over phone quickly and letting me pay but it's easier for me to do it online sometimes, but my one credit card balance was low so I needed to change my payment info to pay amount but when I would click on the change payment info it would go to blank screen so I dunno lol. But it really doesn't take them long at all to take care of you and have your bill paid and ready . I love Hughes network