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I wish I would have read up on hughesnet before signing up


I wish I would have read up on hughesnet before signing up

Sad thing is I started off with the best package hughesnet has to offer, had the tech come out and install the dish. Interesting bit is the dish is situated on the wrong side of the house and the take off angle of the dish matches that of my roof. I'm no expert but I would assume that has an impact on my signal when I transmit but oh well... Anyhow, dish up, router up, all lights green and ugghhhh.... I run a speed test and see my download speed is less then a 1Mbps but my upload is at 6Mbps... I'm not kidding, I ran the test 15 times to make sure I was reading it backwards...

Anywho, I test the speed with other tools all with similar outcomes. I call hughesnet to confirm there is an issue and they tell me that there is no issue and these are the speeds I should be seeing.... Pretty sure I read something on the plan that mentioned 25Mbps down. I'm not new to advertised numbers and never have a seen numbers match as advertised with anyone but **bleep**, every other ISP Ive used has been close to the mark for their price but hughesnet takes the cake. Speeds nowhere near advertised. And here is the kicker, once all the data was used I was expecting the internet to not work at all but came to realise that my data ended sooner then I expected and hadn't even noticed it. I still have the same speeds. So I called again, this time the tech was more helpful and gave me a few tokens so we can run some tests and found with mutual agreement that the service was indeed slower then frozen snot thawing in a snowstorm.

The tech asked me what I wanted to do... Without hesitation I asked for my plan to be dropped to the lowest possible and cheapest plan available, I even asked if there was a plan not advertised thats like 10 bucks a month because for this service, thats about all its worth but to no avail. Anyways, now i have a plan for a service I barely use... I actually run most everything through my phone because I have better service with a better plan for cheaper tethering my phone then I get with anything hughesnet has to offer...

Really kinda of interesting, that to get service worse then 1990's 56k dial up speeds, you gotta pay out your **bleep** till your nose bleeds. And the best part is you are not even guaranteed service, the satellite could fall from space and you would still be stuck paying the bill because of a contract. The contract should have been a red flag, simply because thats ultimately the only reason why hughesnet still has custumers.

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Re: I wish I would have read up on hughesnet before signing up

I'm in the same boat.  For me they installed the service using an old dish that had been left behind from the last owners of this house.  We've been here for 8 years so the old dish is at least 9 years old.  After testing speeds at least 5 times I averaged 1mb download and 100kbps upload.  It's so bad that it takes several minutes just to upload a few pictures to ebay.  To list 10 items it takes over an hour just for all the pictures to upload.


I was once refered to a higher level of tech support.  They sent a new modemn.  The problem remained.  Then a tech man came to the house.  He had been instructed to change the polarization.  I don't know what that means but he called into the office and told them that he's only going to change the satelite that I was hitting off of.  In the end he said I was getting 25mb download.  He never tested the upload.  I began to run speed tests myself and he began to walk out the door.  My tests showed the same slow speed.


I called in again and was disconnected when the first tech guy tried to transfer the call.  I didn't call back because 30 minutes on hold was too long for me to go through a second time.


I'm tethering to my cell phone also but my phone service does not have an unlimited plan.  It is crazy to pay for both HughesNet and my over limit fees on the cell phone.  The cell phone fees would be a wash if I could stop paying HughNet.  There really should be a way to get out of the contract when I'm getting less than 4% of the speed that they advertise.  


I guess the best I can do is hit every social media with my results.  Hopefully someone will know how to get out of this contract.


Re: I wish I would have read up on hughesnet before signing up

I am also in the same boat, I had 2Mbps download and 2.7Mbps upload. I’ve been on Hughesnet for two months now, 20G plan, I ran out of data two weeks ago! The rep I talked to at signup told me I could watch 8Hours of tv with 1G. I watched 1 movie on Amazon and it ate up 5G! What an f-Ing ripoff! Buyers regret. I know I’ll have to pay $400 for early termination, but I’d rather give them 4 months of nonservice ($84/month) than continue 24 months of **bleep**ty service with the same speed I had with Centurylink DSL that I paid $57/month. THIS is how Hughesnet makes their money, on early termination fees.