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It's National Puzzle Day!

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Re: It's National Puzzle Day!



It's primarily the Saturday NY Times crosswords that I do, as it's the only Times puzzle our local paper carries, but I do sometimes get the booklet of the newest puzzles from Amazon.  I sometimes do the LA Times Sunday crossword, as our local paper carries that, too, but I don't like it as much as the Times' Saturday puzzle. 

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Re: It's National Puzzle Day!

Oh yeah! I heard The Talos Principle was very good. I think I have it... I have a ridiculous game backlog so I wouldn't be surprised if it's in there.


@MarkJFine wrote:

Not exactly a jigsaw puzzle, but am playing The Talos Principle, which is a puzzle type game, like Portal (kinda sorta).


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Re: It's National Puzzle Day!

I have dozens on my Xbox that I've never even tried.


With me, I need to be able to invest a good 1-2 weeks for any game. Once I start one I have a tendency for it taking over my life until I complete it, ignoring almost everything else. After it's completed, I then go back and clean up the battlefield, trying to get all the accomplishments I missed, etc., which can take a couple of more days.

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Re: It's National Puzzle Day!

@MarkJFine SAME