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  Is anybody out there running Linux?


  I get the feeling that most of the people around here are WIMPs ( windows icon mouse pushers ). I used to be a ClUB ( command line user bigot ), but now I'm just LIMP ( Linux icon mouse pusher ). :<)>


  Shortly after MS pulled the plug on XP, I switched to Linux Mint and fell in love with it. It's free, comes with a ton of free software. You don't need a anti-virus program, a registry cleaner, a defragger, or any of that other junk that seems to be necessary to keep Windoze from either crashing or slowing down to a crawl.

Plus, there's a huge Linux community on the net. On those very rare occasions where I've had a problem, I've always found help, many times with a bash script I could copy and paste into a terminal to fix it.