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National Panda Day


National Panda Day



Been a busy morning as you can imagine. Needed a break to look at cute panda cubs.


Did you know they just eat for up to 18 hours a day and then sleep the rest of the time? I feel like that might be how some of us are during self-quarantine. Don't worry, we're keeping regular schedules and trying not to let the current situation throw us out of whack, but I digress!


The purpose of National Panda Day is to bring awareness to these adorable creatures. While they're no longer technically "endangered", they are still considered a "vulnerable" species; there are less than 2000 giant pandas living in the wild. In fact, the panda is the logo of the World Wildlife Fund, Inc.(WWF), one of the largest and well known conservation organizations. So if you want to support their cause, you can do a virtual panda adoption!




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Re: National Panda Day

"they just eat for up to 18 hours a day and then sleep the rest of the time"


My dream life!