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Power failures

Re: Power failures



"Sometimes when it's warmer in the house it take the compressor in the fridge a couple of tries before it starts, though that could just be due to a weakening start/run capacitor."


  Oooooo!  I don't like the sound of that!  Years ago I inherited a large Kenmore fridge from my aunt.   After a year or so the defrost timer failed.  The only place to get the part was from Sears at double the normal price for one.  A few months later, the start relay failed.  A few months after I replaced that, the compressor locked up.  Time to get a new fridge.


  That was my one experience at trying to save a dying fridge.  Now  the first time my fridge even hiccups, I start looking for a new one.  Refrigerators used to be made to last 15 years or more.  Not in these days, I think my  last one lasted about  six years.  


  Hope you have better luck.