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The worst internet I have ever had !

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Re: The worst internet I have ever had !

Dont get me wrong if your a grandmother who only checks her email once a month and googles afew times then its a great service... for the rest of the world that has teens with phones/Xbox/netflix etc its crap.......

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Re: The worst internet I have ever had !

@ShadowCuda1972 wrote:

there should be a law aginst scamming people just cause were they live. 

Satellite internet is the most expensive form of internet to both provide and maintain, and it costs what it does because of it.  The tokens are also comparable to plan prices.  


The data caps are what they are because the system throughput is much less than ground based services, and they have to balance that throughput availability for everyone.  


HughesNet isn't "scamming" anyone.


And just like any other product or service, it's voluntary.  They're aren't required to offer it to you, including at a set price and/or with no data caps, and you aren't required to buy it.

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Re: The worst internet I have ever had !

I agree,, all im saying is if you live anywere but down town or a big city and you are left with the only option of sat net i think hughes is the best all im saying if your just a email facebook checker then its the one for you... My only problem is FAP B's  when i was under my tral i ask the rep what is the lowest speed i would be down to he said 3-4 this was right for the first few months now with fap its .44meg now before you say it ive had our equp checked and re checked its not us our location or anything else..... im great with 4meg slowdown i told my rep i was a gamer and we would go through data fast with our kids.. he said not a problem we dont need 20meg all the time...

the big prob is PC/xbox/etc most games you have to download now and at .4meg your talking 60-100hrs.....            or 100s in data tokens........   ex---   Fallout 78gig 150$ on top of 100$ montly         reddead2 150gig download  375$ data tokens im shure your loaded or you work for them but saying 4meg restricted when its .4 real is scaming i talked with salesmen for a hour before we said ok asked all the questions and he lied... we tested the net during our tral and pushed it hard to see when we would run out we ran out 3 days before reup so we said ok will take it only to find out nhe next month that during first month data resets every day.......... I respect the fact that you like them I did to very much till things changed after afew months and now were under contract.....  there the best sat net comp... there techs are awsome... Hughes net is great    F.A.P and .4meg lies are the scam part.....  its not a cell phone and in a world were everything uses wifi its time for them to atleast give you what you sighned up for....

here are the prices for the comp in our area......

atnt fiber------------  69$  100 meg   No Cap

Spectrem------------ 59$   500 meg   No Cap

GLE--------------------- 65$ 1000 Meg  NO Cap

Hughes ----------------100$   20meg  30gig cap to .4meg (dielup speed)

Versat----------------    100-150 for same as Hughes 10meg cap speed

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Re: The worst internet I have ever had !



Well, I'm more than an email checker.  I keep three Windows 10 Pro PCs up to date as well as browse, shop, pay bills, use social media, watch YouTube videos and stream using PlayOn Cloud, and all with the 20GB plan, for which I pay $86.59 every month, and whose cap after data exhaustion is upwards of 3Mbps.  Speeds do vary though, from beam to beam and gateway to gateway.   


No, I'm not loaded.  I've never bought a token in the fifteen years I've had HughesNet, as I don't need them.  


HughesNet isn't designed for heavy users, including gamers, of which real time games don't tend to work well with HughesNet, if at all, due to the high latency.  Turn based games are fine though. 


As stated, the data caps and the reduced speeds are not a scam.  They are a necessity for a system with much less throughput than other types of internet.  You're still making a direct comparison to other systems, which is a mistake.  HughesNet can't just come up with more capacity to give higher caps or speeds because people want it.  It doesn't work that way, just as you can't get ten gallons of milk out of a gallon container.  You get a gallon, and in order to give that milk to 100 people they each get 1.28oz rather than the full glass they want, only with HughesNet there is roughly 325Gbps of capacity for over 1 million people, which is a drop in the bucket compared to what 1 million people have with ground based services.  The caps cause people to prioritize rather than downloading and/or streaming 24/7.  Without those caps the system would be practically unusable for everyone.  Though you may dislike them, it would be worse without them.      


And yes, they can increase the data caps and the speeds when they spend upwards of a billion dollars sending a new satellite up and building the infrastructure for it.  One is scheduled to go up in 2021, but even with that the system will still not be like ground based services and there will still be high speed data caps.


BTW, there is no trial period with HughesNet.  The commitment is valid from the second the service goes live.  


Lastly, if you feel that appropriate expectations were not set during your sales call and it's been no more than three months or so since that call you can request a sales call review in the My Account and Billing section.  Depending on what's found in that call you may have recourse.  

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Re: The worst internet I have ever had !

I find myself having to agree with your overall assessment. While, in the past, I have had my TV connected and kept forgetting to disconnect it; it seemed that, if I didn't have it turned on, it shouldn't be using any data. Why would it? It's off. Nevertheless, I disconnected it today and the only other devices that are connected leave the router range when I leave; so, we'll see what kind of difference it makes. Meanwhile, what remains unexplained (and perhaps inexplicable) is the reason my pre-cap speed is no faster than my post-cap speed. Even the day after the allotted data amount has been restored, I still have to wait for things to be loaded, searches to be completed, and other speed-related functions to occur in a timely manner. Btw, the usage experience wasn't much better before connecting the TV either. Both before and after that connection, the usage was, on average, higher than when I used a different provider. At that time, the TV connection was included.

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Re: The worst internet I have ever had !



If you're having speed issues, you should start a new topic in Tech Support and run some tests as laid out in the instructions here.  Then post the Results URL so that the reps can start troubleshooting the issue.  

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