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Trying to find out why service is sporadic

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Trying to find out why service is sporadic

My mom is having trouble with her service. She's called and tried to get some help but she's not tech savvy and the reps are not taking that into consideration in communicating with her. Service is sporadic at best and has been for 3 days now. She's taken her LAN out of her router and plugged it directly into laptop. Still no service. Rep is telling her it's her router but is there some other way to check to make sure before she goes out to buy a new one? In not living with her but trying to assist her from afar. TIA for any suggestions!
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Unfortunatley, this is the general section..mostly for 'off topic' (fun) discussions having very little to do with HughesNet...

With this being a possible technical issue, I think it would be in your best interest to post your question into a new conversation under the Tech Support forum.


I'll go ahead and tag @Amanda who is one of only two Hughesnet corporate level employees that moderate these boards...given that your mom is not tech savvy, Amanda may be able to run some diagnostics from here end and see if anything unusual is going on, checking your moms signal, and looking for errors etc...

In the meantime, you may wish to call your mom and see if you can't get some more information as to what exact problems your mom is there a specific time of the day she is experiencing problems? Any and all additional info you can give Amanda will most certainly help diagnose the problem and get your mom's service back up and running.


If I do see that you have copied this to the tech board, I'll reply to that one too and tag Amanda again 🙂

Hi Bare65 thank you and I will post this in Tech Support. I appreciate your help!


your welcome..

p.s Is your mom on Gen 4 or Gen 5 service? if you know what modem your mom is using, or brand of router, all of this is usful information as well and should be included.

The modem is the Hughesnet tower, right? And will it say Gen 4 or 5 on there? Sorry trying to give my mom directions to find info 👍

She thinks it is Gen 5 tower HT1100.
Router is TP-Link.

Now that I think about it...I'm sure Amanda will be able to see all of this info when she runs a diagnostics although, given that you are her son, she may need to send you a private message so she can get some additional your moms name, email address location etc...

Do NOT give out this type of private information publically on the forums...or to anyone else other than Amanda or Liz (they will have a 'mod' tag next to their username)


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you need to go back and edit your last reply and remove the DSS number asap...

This is a big no no...for security reasons.


you will see three little vertical dots to the right of the reply...right click on those dots and click on edit reply....this will allow you to edit your reply and remove the information...

I took out the DSN info! Thanks so much! 😊