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Watching Movies

Distinguished Professor III

Re: Watching Movies

Cancellation can only be done by phone, 866-347-3292. You may want to try in the morning, as they're likely to be less busy. You can also try 877-329-1403. Either way, plan for long waits, as the pandemic has affected call centers for everyone, not just HughesNet. 


Best of luck with your next ISP!


joenlaurie wrote:

 now im cancelling but guess what cant get through not a big surprise


Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Watching Movies

@joenlaurie wrote:

prof you keep saying this about the pandemic but mine has been doing same thing from day 1, 6/7/18  

Yet in the 21 months (as of today) that you've been a member of this support community you've never posted about an issue, nor asked for help with one.  


With that said, new poster, no one has ever stated that no subscriber had an issue prior to the pandemic.


Good luck with your new ISP.  I hope it performs well for you.

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Re: Watching Movies

Try to get through early in the morning and expect to feel like you won the lottery when they finally let you cancel.  You have to have a very good reason or they will send you to a technician.  and then hope they send you a box to return the equipment to them.

Distinguished Professor III

Re: Watching Movies

If the box doesn't arrive, the mods on this site can help with that. They can't cancel the account but they can send a box if the subscriber never got one. 



Jime wrote:

 and then hope they send you a box to return the equipment to them.