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sales call

Associate Professor

Re: sales call

nah, standard NYT: Easy Mondays (I actually do them Sunday night), then increasing difficulty until Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Some Thursday puzzles are just madness. Sunday's aren't really that hard, I'd say Wednesday level, just with a much larger grid. If you can decode the theme early enough they're a lot of fun.

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Distinguished Professor IV

Re: sales call

I occasionally do a weekday puzzle or two from our local paper(s), but not the NY Times.  I wouldn't do enough of them to make buying a subscription worth it.  Plus, I'd have to print all of them out, and the day I have to do a crossword on a device is the day I'll stop doing them.  That's nothing against those who do, but it's not for me.  It's the same with books.  If I can't have a physical book in my hand, I'm not reading it.  With that said, I do tend to get lost in Wikipedia sometimes after clicking links to other pages.   Before I know it, it's hours past when I meant to get off of the computer.  Smiley Tongue

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