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High prices plans with low broadband widths

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High prices plans with low broadband widths

I have been a customer for 5 months and I absolutely hate this service. I was lied to when I inquired about the service. I informed agent that I only stream from applications and that I am an online student. Internet is extremely IMPORTANT and I need LOTS of it. I was put on a 30 GB plan and have had issues every month. I have had my account canceled by a customer service agent and been charged $398.74 for a cancellation fee that I didn’t authorize. Then was lied to about the timeframe for service to be restored. On top of everything, I had a service tech coming out b/c my speeds were **bleep**ty! I call every month and complain. The agents just run speed test and upgrade my modem (or something). The only suggestion for data is to upgrade but I am not paying $60 more for the same crappy service. They even had the nerve to ask me what o was gonna do. No, HughesNet... what are you gonna do! I need a larger plan with a better price or let me out this **bleep** 2 year life sentence of a contract.
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Re: High prices plans with low broadband widths



First and foremost, this is the HughesNet Support Community, not the SataliteHater community, where you come to rant and use foul language.  This community is for SUPPORT, and it has guidelines, which I suggest you read about in the "About the Community" section.  


If you would like help for your issues, I suggest asking for it.  If you're having speed issues, ask for help in the Tech Support section.  


No one forced you to sign up for satellite internet service.  Nor did anyone prevent you from researching what you were signing up for, or whether the amount of high speed data included in the plans would be enough for your needs.  Nor did anyone prevent you from reading the subscriber agreement, which clearly states, as do the sales reps during their scripted speech during the end of the call, after which they ask you if you agree, that cancellation during the 24 month commitment incurs an Early Termination Fee.  

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