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Huge Improvement on 'Activation Confirmation and Next Steps' email!

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Huge Improvement on 'Activation Confirmation and Next Steps' email!

So yesterday I upgraded our Hughesnet service to Gen 5 (Jupiter 2 / Echostar 19 & HT2000W modem)

Our previous Hughesnet service was the Gen 4 Connect Pro 10GB plan using an HN9000 modem (pointed to the Spaceway 3 satellite)


I just received my 'Activation Confirmation & Next Steps' email which is an email that confirms your activation/upgrade, and then goes on to explain some of the tools that are avaialble to you, as well as some additional 'benefits'.


First and foremost, I have to say that the overall breakdown and explanations found within this email, compared to the initial 'new customer' email I received last year when we first started our service with HughesNet (brand new customers) is by far a HUGE improvement.

Last year, the initial 'welocme to Hughesnet' email was very short with very limited information/explaination of services and initial data resets.


This new email starts off with explaining how to set up/register your new account (providing you with your SAN), which is then followed by info on how to download the Usage Meter (providing direct link to download this meter within the email for both Windows and Mac platforms) and Mobile App.


It then goes on to talk about 'additional benefits'

20 Unmetered Days
"Your first 20 days of HughesNet won't count towards your service plan data! We give you this unmetered time to download software updates that can use a lot of data. Your data will automatically reset when depleted for the first 20 days only. After this grace period, you’ll have the full amount of your service plan data to use for the remainder of the month.
Video Data Saver
Your service plan is automatically set to download and stream video in DVD quality.* This setting uses less data, giving you 3X more video. Manage your Video Settings anytime from the Usage Meter, at, or on the mobile app."


This new explanation on 'resets' is so much easier to follow and understand versus than the older explaination I received last year.

I was able to go into my account and following the directions in the email, located the 'Video Settings' area without any problems....and even though yesterday I was observing these resets as they were happening, this email not only confirms it, but there is no confusion as to why such resets are occuring.

I know many customer come on to this community with the feelings of being 'duped' or somehow deceived/misled when these resets occur and/or end, so I think this new explaination is going to go far and perhaps eliminate this confusion.


It's kinda funny because this is one of the questions I posed on here yesterday (under billing section), prior to receiving this email as I wasn't sure if we would see another round of resets being that this new service was considered an 'upgrade'.

you better believe I personally will be taking full advantage of these resets...LOL Smiley Wink


Lastly, toward the end of the email it goes on to talk about 'Support When You Need It' which provides you all of the different ways (community, online self help, chat & email)  you can contact HughesNet, including a direct link to this community area, something that was not included in last years email. Last year I actually stumbled on this comminuty sheerly by accident...we were never informed by HughesNet, as a new customers back then, that this community existed.


so again...thankyou for this new and improved welcome email, one that I think was very much needed.

I have no doubts that 'new customers' (those people who have never had HughesNet before) will appreciate this email and the information provided within it.


p.s...after reading about the Usage Meter, I went ahead and downloaded the newest version and was pleasantly surprised to see that I can now view my daily, weekly, monthly usage right from my desktop. This was not available to us when we had the HN9000, so this is just another improvement that is very much welcomed.



This is great feedback, bare65! Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully put this together. I will send this over to our marketing department which put the welcome e-mail together.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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I never got a welcome e-mail or anything.



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When you sign up for Hughesnet service, they will ask for your email address, provided the right address was put in during sign-up, you should get an email, but it could end up in a spam folder.  If an email address wasn't provided during signup or wasn't spelled properly, then you wont get an email from Hughesnet.

I just wanted to expand a little on what Corrosive said..
With this second install I received, being that it was an upgrade, my 'preferred' email address for notifications was already in the HughesNet.

When you are a new customer, often times, your installer will ask you to choose a username & password so that this can be used to set up a email account at the time of activation. This same information is also what the customer will then use to log into his/her HughesNet Account.

Unless you have manually changed your Hughesnet log-in information, any and all Hughesnet correspondence will go to your 'default' email address.

If you prefer that Hughesnet contacts you via an alternative email address, you can change how you receive your notifications as well as add a 'preferred email address' for future correspondence directly via your Hughesnet account.

Associate Professor

Most installers wont actually go through account setup and a lot will leave instructions on how to setup an account.  Strangely, while I have a Hughesnet email, all my emails as far as account concerns have always come through the email I used when ordering service.