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Internet plan pricing

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Internet plan pricing

It's probably an internal decision that's just that, internal, not to be shared with subscribers, for business reasons only those who made the decision know about. The sales and CS people may know it, but they may not be at liberty to discuss it with subscribers, so they don't mention anything and only deal with individual cases.  All of this is not uncommon in business. 


@twinklepa wrote:

 Just don't understand why the sales and cs people don't know this. 


Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Internet plan pricing

The sales people are in a different department and tend to only deal with prospective subscribers.  The service department for existing subscribers likely isn't aware of sale prices due to not dealing with prospectives.


If you're not seeing any indication of and end date to a price when signing in to check what plans are available to you, there's likely no discount available right now and what you're seeing are the regular prices.  That doesn't mean there won't be discounts available in the future, however, as they do occasionally offer discounts to existing customers who change plans. 

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