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Throttle Speeds Recently Dropped


Re: Throttle Speeds Recently Dropped

Remy, I didn’t get a call - I just noted a satellite down line load of software last week and when the high speed plan and tokens ran out the throttle was back to the levels it always had been - slow, but usable for Edgenuity school, and not the 30kbps we had been plagued with. Test my dot net shows about 300kbps - the other Speedtest sites show about 3mbps - I’m pretty sure your site is more accurate with regards to TCP speeds whereas the others are UDP based, which eliminates the round trip packet ack choke. At any rate - we can use the service again - which with the covid online situation with the school is the most important thing. Having to drive an hour to poach the WiFi at the library wasn’t a cutting it 🤣 Thanks again for your attention to this. Bill

Re: Throttle Speeds Recently Dropped



Of course! I'll have your account and case continued to be monitored, please let us know if you have any more issues!