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$105 router

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$105 router

I was told by a sales rep that a wifi router purchased through the installer would only be around $40-$60 but was told by the installer that the router costs $105

Hi Randy,

Welcome and thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear that, perhaps the tech only had that particular router available in stock. You should be able to find routers in your desired price range at your local big box store, like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.

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Randy, the router may cost $40-60 but the installer is perfectly within his/her rights to charge for delivery, installation and setup. Hughes may send you one if you ask here. The install and setup is on you then but the router is supposed to already be configured for HughesNet.

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I believe Hughes charges something like $99 for a Dlink router and that includes the connection and setup of up to 4 devices.

The router must be ordered at the time the service order for Internet service is placed.

Beyond that many installers do carry other network equipment that they do sell to subscribers but that is a private transaction between the installer and the user.

Sally Zinck McD
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I was told the same thing Randy but when they got here Dish Network charged me $149.  This was the first false statement by Hughes people,  There were many more to come, now I'm stuck with a 2 yr contract.  For sure I will be cancelling as soon as the contract is up.