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15 to 30 sec. Response time.

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Re: 15 to 30 sec. Response time.

@gaines_wright wrote:

@GabeU wrote: 

 1. Visit the System Control Center (SCC) in your web-browser.

2. Click the gray "i" icon at the top to go to Advanced Configuration.

  Hmmmm.  I don't get a gray  'i".  Even with no addons running     

It's VERY light and can be quite difficult to see/find if you're not familiar with its exact placement.  



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Re: 15 to 30 sec. Response time.

  Thanks.  I found it now.  


Re: 15 to 30 sec. Response time.

Something happened overnight. The responce times are now 3 to 5 sec. and the errors on the Diagnostic page have been gone since midnight.  Not sure what happened. No post on this thread about the solution..  


Re: 15 to 30 sec. Response time.

Also canceled the tech.

Re: 15 to 30 sec. Response time.

Good morning BS2000,


Thank you for the update! Not sure what happened either, I didn't do anything but run diagnostics on your site and create a dispatch. There weren't any updates or reports about any network degradation that would've affected you. I'm just glad the performance has improved.


If you start having any issues with connectivity, please don't hesitate to drop by the community again, it will be likely that I will have to re-issue a dispatch.




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