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2.5 gig vanished in one hour!

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Re: 2.5 gig vanished in one hour!

Thanks for all your input. I go the above mentioned hourly totals page often. The main reason I want minute-by-minute is to see if there is a 2 gig surge in soemthing like a very short maybe, 60 second time period... then I'd know it's a data error and not real bandwidth. I work with data for a living and would love to rule out the possibility that it's a calculation error. I don't like jumping through all these hoops when I can't see exactly when the bandwidth spiked. Obviously if it happened in a very short time period (like one minute) then it would be impossible to be on my end... but I'll never know for sure unless I catch something on my end... which I am still looking into.

About the logs: I know it says it's based on Eastern time and many people seem to think that as well, but I shut my modem off every night and the times are perfectly in sync with my Pacific Time zone for on and off times. So although they say it's EST, my times are not 3 hours off they are the same as PST. If I shut the model off at 7:45 in the evening, the next day the logs will show activity for the 7-8 pm time frame and nothing afterwards... so they really aren't on the Eastern time zone... at least not for me. just thought I'd mention that. Oh, and my bonus time is from 2am -8am PST.
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Re: 2.5 gig vanished in one hour!

I use a combination of WPA2-PSK and Mac address filtering so even if you find my password your MAC address still has to be listed in the approved list to access anything
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Re: 2.5 gig vanished in one hour!

Hi Charles,

Like Gary, I am just to far back in the woods, also using wireless encryption.

In my case it is best described as "unauthorized use by an authorized  device"

You simply can't trust those tablets, phablets & e-readers to stay within the "rules".

That sneaky Nook HD+ of mine once woke up from a "slumber" and downloaded a completely new OS in the middle of the night.

It has to be hard off or airplane mode.



Re: 2.5 gig vanished in one hour!

Hi Gary,

I hope that our community members have offered some insight on catching this for you. Unfortunately, we do not have minute by minute tracking, only the hourly that you and I see via the support pages. The test of unplugging your LAN cable from the modem is the best route to go if this is something that happens constantly. Please let me know if there is any way I can assist.

Thank you,
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Re: 2.5 gig vanished in one hour!

all 20 gb of my monthly data disappeared in ONE day! that is not possible. how do i fix it have been on hold now for 30 minutes.

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Re: 2.5 gig vanished in one hour!

@Desert73 wrote:

all 20 gb of my monthly data disappeared in ONE day! that is not possible. how do i fix it have been on hold now for 30 minutes.

Yes, it is possible.  Depending on your speed, something steadily using your data could burn through 20GB in as little as an hour.  


This thread is very old, so if you would like some help to figure out what is using your data so quickly please start a new topic, which you can do by clicking the blue "Start a topic" button on the upper right while within the Tech Support section.  


With this said, if you have a DirecTV receiver connected to HughesNet it wouldn't surprise me if this is where the problem lies.  

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Re: 2.5 gig vanished in one hour!



While 20 gigs seems 'impossible' to go through in a single day, depending on your activities, it actually is very possible to use this much data in a single day.


For example, many of the Xbox One S digital games require downloading from Microsoft..and many of these games are HUGE.

Call of Duty WWII, by itself, is some 54.95 GB...even Trivial Pursuit  is a whopping 821.48 MB. 


If your streaming several movies and/or watching hours of OnDemand video, this will also add up to a huge amount of data.


A Windows 10 Update will run you anywhere from 1-2Gigs.


While these are obviously just examples  that I've listed above, do you think that it is possible that you downloaded content today not fully realizing the sizes of those downloads?