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3 Months Now Of Poor Speeds

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3 Months Now Of Poor Speeds

 Beam 55 - The question is what is the problem, when will it be fixed? Why should we pay full price for months of poor service?

Some answers would be appreciated.

Just above dial-up tonite


Gen5 1.8.18.png

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We are in the same boat! 3 months of hardly any service yet we go through 50gb of data in 4 days?!
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@Kleencrew wrote:
We are in the same boat! 3 months of hardly any service yet we go through 50gb of data in 4 days?!

If you're going through 50GB of data in four days I recommend you start a new post in this same section (tech support) asking for assistance in determining what it is that is chewing through your data.  That is, unless you already know where it's going and what device is, or what devices are, using it.  

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I can't use my allowance now, it is too painful (buffering) , or slow loading to use up my alowance.

Slow speeds has it's advantages 😞



@ecoalex2  LOL yeah, the slow speeds are actually helping me save my allowance. I might actually make it the whole month this time with some to spare!


That 72kbps has to take the cake. You beat me by half for slowest speed yet. I've been hovering around 200kbps during the PM hours.

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Same here. We just got the service a few weeks ago. Was really fast for the first 4 days now then terrible ever since.

I would think that is a clue for the techs....a new subscriber just a month ago , 2 months after the rest had slow speeds, but you had good speeds, then the same troubles as we all have..


What we want is an explnation and a remedy and expected restoration of service.

is that too much to ask?



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I Hate Hughesnet, I go through my data in 10  days and its crappy service at that, buy $60-$90 of extra data just to get through the month because bonus data is a joke, in fact all data is a joke! Most days download speed betweem 3-10 UGH usually closer to3! This has to be a big fat joke but Im not laughing! Buffering makes me want to shoot my dish! 

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I so frickin agree, I am paying around $200 a month for crap, I work online and dont have a choice or I would drop everything. My speeds are so slow, but if I dont buy extra tokens I get no speed at all, just round and round buffering, bonus time my **bleep**!

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