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30 gig plan got yanked ?


30 gig plan got yanked ?

Well i was on the hughenest 30 gig plan last month n switch to the 20 n now i want tch swit b ack and they yanked the **bleep** plan and have Noi replaced it that is  crap truly  .  terrribble Bussness practice tech phone support     What the heck amatter with you Huges net Plz  put back my 30 gig plan avaliblity  and fix the web site my hughesnet saying ti avalible  and we i  call it it not avalible.


can a tech support agent  Telll me what going on or can  you guys put new Plans on my service plans possibble ????????


Need new service plan

Need a New service plan 20 gb amonth  isnt cutting it for me  plz put back the 30 or 50 gb option on my plan option plz

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Re: 30 gig plan got yanked ?

Just curious, is there a reason you are switching between plans so rapidly?  Hughesnet only allows that so many times before you are forcefully locked into a plan for a period of time.

That aside, not all plans are available in all areas at all times.  Depending on gateway and beam load, various plans may be removed.

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Re: Need new service plan

Plan availability is affected by location and demand. Not all plans are available at all locations at all times, and availability may change. Satellite internet is a limited resource. 

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Re: 30 gig plan got yanked ?

Yep, a chance one takes when they switch plans, the previous one may not be available if they decide to switch back. And there is a limit as CORROSIVE said to prevent folks from gaming the system to get there allowance refilled when switching.


Re: 30 gig plan got yanked ?

Hi John


C0RR0SIVE and BirdDog have both given you correct answers. If a plan is no longer available in your area anymore, or you've changed it too many times in a certain time period, the option will no longer be available. 




Re: 30 gig plan got yanked ?

Well  that is crap trully yanking it  for changing it is suck a retared reasoning

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