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622 kbps? From one extreme to the other...

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622 kbps? From one extreme to the other...

What is going on HughesNet?

My download speeds are going from one end to the other...with lows in the 622 kbps to high in the 18 mbps...and everything in between.


From the looks of the message boards these days this is obviously a system wide issue that has been going on since last weeks outage..if not beforehand.


While the 3 GB of free token bytes that HughesNet has been adding to customers accounts was a nice gesture for last weeks outage..this significant reduction in download speeds that myself, and many MANY customers have been observing since the outage, is no doubt causing more of an outrage than the complete system wide outage we experienced last week.


I'm certainly not trying to add fuel to the fire here...but I do think it's time HughesNet acknowledge that their is a problem and keep it's customers informed as to what all is being done to rectify it, if anything.


Believe it or not, but being upfront and HONEST with your customers goes a long ways!

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The Satellite Receive Strength is now down to 88..

Before the outage it was up well over 110...




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Download Speed:

Mon Jan 08 2018 @ 5:06:32 pm: 179 kbps..


Did a quick history search on reviewing the speeds for the last 500 HughesNet Speed Tests (Host: Hughes Network) that have been performed by HughesNet customers just to see whether or not other customers were experiencing these same kinds of speeds.




Grab the DUCT TAPE!!


Hughesnet is in need of some serious fixing...






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