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75Gigs in 2 days!?

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75Gigs in 2 days!?

I have a business plan 75g/25g and in 2 days I’m out of data.  Satellite service isn’t fast enough to support that much data for starters.  There is just 2 of us in the house.  Any ideas?  Is this legit or a problem?  

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Re: 75Gigs in 2 days!?



It's entirely possible to use that much data in two days, depending on what's using it.  


Unfortunately, because this support community is primarily for residential subscribers, there's not a whole lot that can be done here to help you.  You should call 800-347-3272 for business account customer service.  They may be able to help you.  


With this said, the following two threads may provide you with some ideas...

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Re: 75Gigs in 2 days!?

It is entirely possible to use 75GB in 2 days on your service plan if you are getting above 4Mbps on average over the course of that two days.  That doesn't mean above 4Mbps consistenly, just on average.

4Mbps = ~2 days
8Mbps = ~22 hours
25Mbps = 7 hours (Plan Speeds...  Certainly possible during offpeak hours)
50Mbps = Under 4 hours, rare to see that kind of speed for more than a few minutes though at any given time.  This has become more of a burst speed the last few years.

I strongly suggest you inspect your equipment for anything that could be backing up to a cloud service, or in this case, most likely downloading large amounts of data.  During this inspection you should think about what websites you visit, and whether these websites have occasional auto-play videos enabled anywhere, or anything at all that you use online.  CNN has this annoying feature where if you scroll down the article, the video minimizes to the side, but keeps playing, if you walk away you can kiss your data baibai.  I am sure other websites have the same annoying feature in some form or fashion (not always video, but you get the idea).