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A Look At Data Usage

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A Look At Data Usage

This morning I looked at the Download Status Meter and was surprised to see that it said I had used 1.8 GB already. I had refilled on 7/23 and the amount claimed seemed a little high:

Digging a little further and just to confirm, SCC also showed 1.8 GB

Next, to get the most accurate numbers I logged into my Dashboard:

This tells me that as of this AM I have used 1771 MB since 12:00;00 AM 7/23/16

Now I have some hard numbers to work with ... now where did it go ?

I have a router so that means other devices can connect and share.

Those authorized devices include:

My main Win7 computer

A seldom used WinXP install

A Linux Mint 17.3 install

Wife's seldom used Win7

A Nook HD+ tablet

1771 MB is not a lot of usage but still more than I usually use at this point.

So what tools do I have to narrow things down a little ?

I already have the "How Much ?": 1771 MB

Next is the "When ?". For that I will bring up the "History" page of the DSM:

This show "peaks" on the 23rd, the 28th and the second. So now we have a "When"

With a router and that many devices ... do I have a problem ?

I have GlassWire installed on my main machine. Lets see what It claims was used by THAT machine compared to the total claimed by Hughes:

(click on picture for larger image)

Note the settings:

USAGE tab, TRAFFIC button, Month as display range and the "sliders: at the bottom set to define the required period within the month the 23rd thru the 3rd.

I did not include today (the 4th) as usage would have been minimal.

GlassWire shows usage ON THIS MACHINE of 1.6 GB so that leaves only 171 MB unaccounted for by GlassWire ... that amount would have been used by the other devices.

With that small of an amount used I can conclude that nothing went haywire with my other devices. If the number had been significant I would have had to remove the router and test each device one-by-one.

At this point we know:

What: Missing 1.6 GB

When: 7/23 thru 8/3 with "peak suspects" on 7/23. 7/28 and 8/2 

Where: My Win7 Laptop

All that remains is by WHO. For this we will use GlassWiire to take a closer look at those three key dates:

The 23rd:

Note that I have reset the "sliders" to define the period to the 23rd.

This shows a total of 342.9 MB used by this machine, out of a total claimed by Hughes of 597 on that day. We know that overall our numbers have been account for so the difference was used by the "other" devices.

A look at the column on the left show what programs and processes used data:

Note that the "ALL TRAFFIC" at the time is "active" to that the result of "ALL TRAFFIC" is displayed in the larger window to the right:

Going back here for a moment:

Be aware that if you click on one of the listed items, grater detail of that item will appear in the right hand window.

In this case HTTP (browser usage) is the BIG USER of that day.

Next we can move on to the detail of the 28th:

Same settings apply as in the 23rd.

259.7 MB used by this machine out of the total of 441 MB, the difference having been used by other devices but again, that is not a problem as all overall usage is accounted for.

The same detail settings can be applied to this date but again the top user was IE

Moving on to the 2nd:

We see that 269.2 MB used, again with the browser being the big user.

Overall, I had just used more data browsing than my normal habits with GlassWire pointing out that that was the top user.

There have been cases in the past where Firefox and Chrome have gone on a tangent and used massive amounts of data making it necessary to uninstall then reinstall.

I will keep and eye on IE for a time to be sure that a problem is not developing.

I also see that while not a big user, my Garmin GPS updater has used some data ... and that IS a problem for me because that function was thought to have been disabled.

The point of this post is ... if you think your data is evaporating then you need to know what "tools" you have available to answer What, When Where and Who.

In this case, no problem ... but I will keep a close eye on things.


Re: A Look At Data Usage

Hi Gwalk,

Very good, constructive, comprehensive breakdown of how to track data usage. Thanks for taking the time to share this with the community. 

- Chris
Assistant Professor

Re: A Look At Data Usage

Gwalk, they need to hire you to write a PDF for new customers. 
Honorary Alumnus

Re: A Look At Data Usage

I'm just surprised that with all the "data loss" posts that this topic hasn't gotten more traction. If nothing more than to tell me I'm all wet or to ask for clarification, something !
Assistant Professor

Re: A Look At Data Usage

Customers don't want to take the time to track it down, always Hughes fault. HughesNet seems to have given up because so many variables on customers network side. The old Mexican standoff.
Honorary Alumnus

Re: A Look At Data Usage

Frankly, I'm almost down to "its a Networking issue, buy a Router" but that is a non-answer for the few that wish to troubleshoot after having done the LAN disconnect test.
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Re: A Look At Data Usage

A 10-20 GB drain is nothing when on unlimited cable (there is a limit actually), not so much on a capped service. Most new satellite users never knew how much data they where using on cable. Then sticker shock when on a metered service.
Assistant Professor

Re: A Look At Data Usage

Posting this here since I know you won't mind. My speed just now through wireless router while also recording two HD OTA TV shows through the same router over wireless. Love the newer ac technology.

Honorary Alumnus

Re: A Look At Data Usage

Looking good, real good !
Assistant Professor

Re: A Look At Data Usage

Hate to say it but the truth, where I'm at many people don't use computers let alone the internet. They watch a lot of Fox and NewsMax though (had to throw that in). I'm on a beam that isn't stressed much.

My wife is in management and she often has to teach new hires the basics of using a computer. Trust me, there are many pockets of computer illiterates in places you might not think so. Lots of 40+ old people who never really touched a computer.

I think the big difference is we old folks come from the DOS days when you had to get into the guts of things. Plug and Play was the start of computer ignorance.