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ASUS router RT-AC68U

Knerkin Akin
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Re: ASUS router RT-AC68U

Yes, I agree. One of the major features of the system was the ability to create business letters, with company logo/letterhead, on a Facit color printer, placed in the mail stream the next day. We developed a package for the US Postal Service that would have cost around $5,000 per post office so they could insert letters into the mail stream throughout the USPS system. When I demonstrated the installation for the local post office, we even printed the PostNet barcode together with the address on the envelope. The postmaster was horror struck. "You can't print that on an envelope. Only the Postal Service can do that." They turned it down. Oh, how different the Postal Service might be today if they were enthusiastic about digital stuff back in 1984.
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Re: ASUS router RT-AC68U

I have this same router now for about 6-8 months, I am going to check out all the Merlin info. myself but if you will just go to your router's website to start out, they have a great site and pretty easy to understand in setting up your router within their system. I have checked the firmware upgrade and it did upgrade its own firmware about 2 months ago. I just checked last week and it was up to date. You can change all categories, such as channel and etc.. There's also a download for their entire manual and I am still learning myself. But, I just set up their cloud service and you can have your own personal cloud and many cool things without leaving ASUS. Also, I am learning about the different 3rd party firmware you can download and do you really need to with this excellent router. I didn't have time to read all of the other folks great info but I intend to so I can learn more myself but this router and all it offers is quiter a lot of features that you can definitely use to your better usuage. Read all above from other members!