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Absolutely Disgusted With New Service

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Absolutely Disgusted With New Service

I decided to go with HN after dealing with sub-par DSL for the past 13 years.  At our location here in GA with Windstream I have 1 to 2 Mbps speed.  I read where folks complained about HN and it's speed sometimes being 5 to 8 Mbps and I was like.... heck, what I would do to have that kind of speed!!!!  I avoided some of the toxic HN reviews since most were complaining about the Mbps.  I read everything HN had to say and knew I would not be gaming or streaming Netflicks.  I do use the internet quite a bit and watch Youtube and Instagram.  No where did I find a clear representation that I would be unable to watch baisc Youtube videos without unacceptable buffering.  Keep in mind,  I had been watching on a 1 to 2 Mbps connection.


Well.... here lies the problem.... latency.  HN does not let you know that even basic services like - surfing for a recipie was going to be painfully slow.  Click on Google..... wait..... finally get it to load..... search.... wait...... finally get it to load..... click on the recipe...... finally loads.  In many cases, I've turned off HN and gone back to my DSL just to be able to get stuff done.


Now for the details.  Yes, I have done everything in the support recommendations.  I'm running test with everything disconnected from the service except my laptop.  Ethernet cable only.  WiFi on the router disabled.  As for download speed, it's been way above advertised.  I'm getting anywhere from 35 to 48 Mbps.  The latency is the kicker.  Ping rate anywhere from 650 to 1200.  satellite has clear view and installation tech said great reception.  With DSL, on the WiFi connection to my home router I'm at 1 to 2.5 Mbps with a ping rate of 55 to 60.


What has me just sick to my stomach is that I purchased everything up front ($400 investment) and now I have to pay $400 to get out of the contract!  That puts me at a financial loss of $800.  Someone, please tell me there is a better customer solution.  I've only had the service for 10 days now.