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Acts of God

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Acts of God

We experience windstorms in our rural desert community yet our satellite overcomes.
In 2012 we were experiencing sand storms daily with hurricane like winds every afternoon.
our was still under contract when these daily windstorms started. 
we had 80+ mph winds started in the early afternoon and continued until early am when temperatures dropped.

   We live in the Mojave Desert in California and in that one year we averaged 227 days of windstorms with over 87 mph winds for more than 4hrs straight. We have whole single family homes that are buried in sand dunes in our rural (less than 100 people) community.

The had 0 problems. Even in the sand storms it still worked. Never once has stopped working in 4+ years of continued service. January 2013 a huge Cottonwood tree fell in one of these windstorms clipping the corner of the house where our dish is located. I wish i had a picture of our dish. It probably saved our roof from caving in at the force of this old 100+ foot tree falling on our house. the dish had a huge dent in it with tree branches dangling off of it yet it still worked. A banged up satellite dish with continuity of service.

I am one of the lucky ones.  We have an awesome installer in our area out of Ridgecrest. Because we were still under contract and it wasn't part of our homeowners insurance we were basically screwed.It still worked. Maybe I just didn't notice but it worked fine for my internet capabilities. Our directv was a different story altogether.

The rep told me to go online and see if I could find a more cost effective way to get it replaced so I did and we upgraded. They waived the installation fee of 199.00 for us. we paid only 19.99 like a new customer and we completed our contract with them and are still with today.

Kudos to's sucontracted installers in and around Kern County California out of Ridgecrest.  the installer swears by and he helped us find a cost effective alternative to a dish repair and replacement that was out of warranty but still under contract.

And kudos to for having enough options to choose from so we were spared a huge expense for the repair.  I am sorry my tree 2 1/2 ft in diameter at the base banged up your satellite dish so badly.  We had windows busted, my vehicle, our directv and the corner of one or our bedrooms damaged with the satellite taking the full force from the tree falling.

Our winds continued for 8 more months. We lost 8 cottonwood trees in those winds. We cut the rest down completely and only 1 has survived.  Personally I think the installer wanted the dish to show it to others because he was pretty amazed that it still worked after being dented, cracked and the cables left dangling from the rooftop holding up a thick tree branch like a puppet dancing. And me forgetting to unplug the in all the chaos should have ended really badly luckily it didn't. 
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Re: Acts of God

Whewwhee. What a story. I lived for 7 years in Mojave desert - in the MIDDLE, but 1980 - 87.. Newberry Springs.  Had winds there - mostly in spring but for weeks at a time. But nothing like you said.  

Thanks for the amazing story.  

-Larry in NO. Idaho (where the wind is seldom, but when it does we lose power because trees come down a lot. ) 

Re: Acts of God

WOW! That is incredible, Melissa! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this; I've never heard of a customer going through such extreme weather conditions and not having any issue with the service. Very cool. We appreciate you being with us for so long, and if you need anything, we're here to help; just let us know.

Please create a new thread in the community if you have a question or need help. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

Re: Acts of God

Melissa - It's rare that people take the time to share good experiences about their service. You not only shared it, you told an amazing story that we'll remember.  We're pleased to be your internet provider and look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.