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Adblock Plus broken

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Assistant Professor

Adblock Plus broken

Discovered Adblock Plus was not working on Chrome and had to uninstall and re-install it again to get it to work. Don't know if due to a Chrome update or Adblock update or if just me but thought I'd post as a warning to check it.

Boy, pages sure do eat data when it isn't working. Can see where customers who don't have an ad blocker installed eat a lot of data just browsing.

Hi BirdDog,

I have noticed that my ad blocker misses a good amount of pop ups sometimes. I might have to try this and see if it changes anything. Thanks for the heads up.

- Chris
Assistant Professor

Mine stopped working completely and the drop down menu was missing text and did not respond when clicked.
Distinguished Professor IV

Interesting.  I wonder if it's just some glitch you experienced.  I checked both my desktop and laptop and AdBlock Plus is working fine on them with Chrome. 

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I do NOT use Chrome, or anything Google. They are the "Tracking Champion"! I found AdBlock on OSX 10.11 works fine. BUT blocking sites requires you to double click on the site to add it to "Blocked" list. I mostly use FireFox, but Safari is pretty good also. I have the 5/50gb plan, sometimes have run low last week of month. Never ran out  yet. Speed varies so much. "Activity Montor" shows varying speeds, but 6mb takes only a few seconds. Currently showing less than 100 bytes/sec.! Larger sending speed goes way up.
Robin S
New Member

No issues with mine even after the update.