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Advanced tech support says after hours when not after hours

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Advanced tech support says after hours when not after hours

Have now had Hughes for 1 month. That's one month of horrible slow service. I had hughes years ago and it was great compared to now.

I have had nothing but slow inconsistent speeds. Test my net is mostly unreliable as a speed test. It does not reflect the real world in any since of the imagination. The Hughes test is closer to reality but it plays games with the numbers also.

Typically my speeds for any site I go to is between 10 and 150Kb. Not KB. YouTube at even 480 is a joke. Sometimes it works good but most times I can't use it and it defaults to 144 and still will not play. My Ipad won't update. Driver downloads from Nivida or Asus etc are almost impossible to get.

Evening is worse than mornings. Mornings are not much better. If I get to 1Mb not 1MB its a relief. I have called many times and have been advanced to the next guy and given a Pin. I try to call during hours again today and it says I am calling outside of hours. I am not outside of hours so I guess that part it broke also.

This has been the most frustrating internet besides StarBand I have ever had. Constant delays and lies or misinformation from low level techs. There just reading from a script I guess and just tell you wahtever to get you off the phone. They have even hung up on me before.

I have tried all there suggestions. I have tried 3 different computers several tablets. I have tried wireless and wired. I have turned off the wireless and just used Wired. All to the same effect. Useless Internet.

Now I can't even get someone to answer the phone on a Saturday during there stated hours. I work during there hours in the week so I can't call since I would not be home to try there suggestions.

After reading the posts here I am seriously regretting coming back to Hughes. There are a few champions on all the posts about how great the koolaide is but in reality it is very sour.


How does one get support if Advanced Support won't answer the phone?