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Alert! Suspicious Survey Pop-ups


Alert! Suspicious Survey Pop-ups

Hello everyone,

Recently we received a few reports of surveys from a company claiming to be Hughes and offering rewards in exchange for completing them. They require you to input sensitive information like your credit card to receive "rewards". Please note that this is not a Hughes survey! 

We believe an infected website or e-mail may be the cause of this and strongly recommend running a virus scan for any infections. Another good thing to do would be to check your Add-On's and Extensions for your browsers to ensure no malicious or otherwise unfamiliar plugins have attached themselves to your browser. 

As always, feel free to utilize the Home Tech Support offers from HughesNet to analyze your PC on-on-one with a real person, or download PC System essentials to keep things in check.

Thank you
Associate Professor

Re: Alert! Suspicious Survey Pop-ups

I would like to bump this, as my mother just received this exact same thing.

My router generally blocks known bad websites, and I use Norton DNS to help prevent access to such things.  But, I found her computer with a popup with this scammy like reading that other posters have provided.

My mothers exact words, "I was just scrolling through facebook then it stopped working, so I closed out, and it popped back up, and now there's a survey showing for Hughesnet."

I took one look, noted the URL as (DO NOT CLICK OR VISIT THAT URL), and added it to my blacklist.

The computer in question is clean, adblocker on it, and my own network blocks most all that stuff... The fact this was generated while on an HTTPS website, has me somewhat concerned as well.

Oh, and it seems to be coming over some form of advertisement that most adblockers haven't adapted to yet...  The computer isn't used for email, and my mother doesn't use email either.
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Re: Alert! Suspicious Survey Pop-ups

It's probably too late now but that link should be disabled.
Associate Professor

Re: Alert! Suspicious Survey Pop-ups

Well... Hopefully people can read and decide to not actually click it... Their own fault if they click if and end up with adware/malware.