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All lights on front of modem keep going out!

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All lights on front of modem keep going out!

Over the past 10 months my modem keeps going offline on a daily basis whenever internet is in use.  The internet goes down and when I check the modem all the lights on the front are off.  I have to reset power each time to get the internet to come back up.  This is a major frusteration becuase it occurs at random, sometimes several times a day and other times it happens late at night, and some days it doesn't happen at all (although it's rare).  This modem is at a second home that is only used every other weekend or so, and the service only tends to go out when somebody is actually there using the internet.  The modem normally stays online when nobody is home.  I can tell because I have a remote weather station and security camera, both of which will go offline if the internet is down.


I have been working with tech support chat and just received a replacement modem and power supply, and the same exact thing is happening with the new equipment.  The new modem worked for about 3 hours today before the internet went down, and as always, when I checked it all the lights were out on the front.  I reset the power and everything came back up.  The service is not usable in this condition.  I really need a solution to this!




Tech came out and was a helpful guy.  He did not opt to replace the modem since it's been swapped twice already.  He said he updated the software on my existing modem and he also found that the coupler that connects the indoor and outdoor coax runs between the modem and the satellite was lose.  He tightened the connection and asked that I let him know if I continue to have problems.  Due to it being winter, I'm at the property very little so it may be a while before I am able to confirm if I'm still having problems.  I will post back once I get a chance to use the service again.  Thanks!



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So it does appear that my problem was fixed by the tech that came out in January!  I've been back at the property now that spring is here and after spending several weekends up there with absolutely no problems, I feel confident it is fixed.  Apparently the lose connection outside between the cable that runs to the dish and the cable that runs inside to the modem was the problem all along!  I haven't had a single instance since then where the modem "locks up" and all the lights on the front go off.  Thanks!!

Wooo! That's great news, Kent. Glad that the tech was able to resolve your concerns. I appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout the process, please don't hesitate to drop by the community again if you need anything else, we're here to help.





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