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Re: Allowance


Just in case you aren't aware, your data allowance will reset daily for the first ten or twenty days of your service, the days being dependent on what modem you have.  Hughesnet does this as a courtesy to allow you to update/upgrade your devices without it affecting what would normally be your monthly data allowance.  Sometimes when people come to the service they have a new computer that needs some updates, or an older computer that hasn't been used for a while and needs a LOT of updates, which would eat through a lot of your data allowance in the beginning.  So, again, they do this as a courtesy so you can do those things without it negatively affecting you.  So, basically, for this initial period you can download and do a LOT more than you would be able to do in a normal month.   

Make sure to keep an eye on your data in any of the three ways available.  The first is the Hughesnet Status Meter, which you can download at...

The second is signing in at the above site and viewing your data there. 

The third is by going to the System Control Center, at...

Remember, keep an eye on your data. 

A couple of pieces of advice.  If you stream anything, try to stream it in SD or LD.  Streaming in HD can use around 3GB per hour.  The second piece of advice is that if you have a satellite TV receiver, especially a DirecTV receiver, it's generally not a great idea to connect it to the Hughesnet service.  They can use a LOT of data, even when not streaming and the receiver is turned off. 

I hope you like the service.      

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Re: Allowance

How would someone know if Hughesnet is already connected to their DirectTV receiver?  We had both services installed at the same time so now i am wondering if it is automatically hooked up this way. If so, how would you disconnect it. 
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Re: Allowance

Look to see if there is a Ethernet cable running between your router and the Directv box.

They also can connect wirelessly. Open your routers internal interface and see what devices are listed under "attached devices" or similar.

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Re: Allowance

tommychase, to connect HughesNet to the DirectTV box you would have to have a router, then there would be a LAN cable connected to your router going to the DirecTV box. If you have no LAN cable plugged into the box then it is not connected to HughesNet.

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Re: Allowance

To disconnect a DIRECTV Genie Receiver from your wireless network:
  1. On your Genie remote control, press MENU
  2. Select Settings & Help
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Internet Setup
  5. Select Advanced Setup
  6. If you see the message, "You are connected to the Internet," then you are connected. Select Reset Network, then press the dash key " _ " on your remote (it's to the left of the 0 key)
  7. Once your receiver has completed resetting your network, press the EXIT key on your remote.
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Re: Allowance

thank you so much for this! i just followed these instructions and yes i was connected to the internet.  this should help some on my allowance.