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Almost 13 gigs lost in six hours?

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Re: Almost 13 gigs lost in six hours?

They surveyed customers about recommended site updates awhile back but nothing changed yet. It is outsourced to Get Satisfaction. The "other guys" site is pretty much identical, run by GS also.
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Re: Almost 13 gigs lost in six hours?

I've seen it.  I've actually seen quite a few of the "community" websites run by Get Satisfaction.  IMDB has one and I had, a long time ago, signed up through them.  I had forgotten about it, which created a conflict with my email notifications when I came on here.  It was finally worked out, but it was funny that I had completely forgotten about signing up to it for IMDB to ask ONE question years before.  Not IMDB itself, like I was referring to with the messaging thing, but the IMDB Get Satisfaction site. 

There are actually a slew of them, and GS even has one for themselves.  I perused it the other day and couldn't figure out what in the heck they were talking about.  Technical stuff with GS, it seems. 

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Re: Almost 13 gigs lost in six hours?

Hello k.a.christensen,

Thanks for running the test. Since there was no usage it seems their was definitely an event within your network that spiked your usage. I did a bit of searching and found a Reddit post that you may find useful for your Xbox One.

This person also noticed how much data their Xbox was using without their knowledge. There are some good suggestions to sift through. Hope that helps. As for your Apple device. You can typically see what apps have used the most data etc. I would bet it is the Xbox though. Hope this helps.

Thank you,