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Does anyone have infomration on alternative m,odems that might be used with HughesNet?  I expereinced remarkably varialbe speeds with my current HT1100. Even using the HughesNet speed test it will vary from 20 MBps to 1,5 MBps, or even lower, within a matter of minutes, or sometimes seconds. Every time I call tech support they tell me things are working fine and, generally when I am online or on the phone with them, throughput is nominal. but I cannot watch Netflix at all without almost constant budffering, downloads are lethargic (i am looking at ehterrnet throughput as I write this and seeing peaks o200 KBps to 1MBPS during every s60 scond cycle, with occassional burst 10 1.3, then back to 24KBps. I am personally convinced that my modem is failing, but cannot seem to persuade tech support to even give an alternate a try. I'll be happy to go out on my own and buy an alternative, just to try, but don't know what to use.

Thanks for any advice or help

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There are no 3rd party modems that will work with HughesNet.  It sounds like you have Gen4 due to you having an HT1100.  The HT1100 is the latest modem for Gen4.  


What are you using to measure your ethernet throughput?  What do you see when you run the following LAN Throughput test?  Clicking the link will automatically run the test.!/general/lan_speed

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