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Amazon & Hughesnet ... STILL!

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Amazon & Hughesnet ... STILL!

I'm still having problems most of the time connecting to, especially using the Amazon Shopping app on my Samsung Galaxy S4. I either get a cute doggy with an "Uh-oh" message, or I get a "Check your internet connection & try again" message. This has been going on for many months. I had hoped your engineering change (11/09) mentioned in another post would fix the problem, but no joy. When this occurs, I can access Wikipedia, Google, & YouTube (my most frequently accessed sites) with no problem. I have better luck usually when I have the power (I'm off-grid on solar) to run my Win10 PC, but I really need to access Amazon using my phone. Access via Chrome on my phone also fails.
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You could try changing your DNS settings to Google's. and  


You should do the following with a LAN cable connected computer, not via WiFi.  


Go to!/usage .  


Click WiFi Settings.  admin is the default password.  


Click Advanced Setup, the DNS.  


Uncheck "Obtain from ISP" and enter the DNS settings into the two fields, with in the Primary field and in the Secondary field.  


Click Save Settings.  Then click logout in the upper right, or just exit the page.  Exit the System Control Center.    


If your phone's browser had still been open, you should close it and reopen it, then try Amazon again.  

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Thanks for the reply. I will try that tomorrow when I boot up my PC. It's working with my phone at the moment (very erratic, but very frustrating when it doesn't work), and I am going out. Thanks again.
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You're welcome.  It may work and it may not.  It does for some.  I'm the oddball in that, for me, it's actually the opposite, as in Google's DNS gives me more Amazon problems than HughesNet's, but I have seen a good number of people have success with it.  Mostly concerning computers, but I imagine it's the same, or at least similar, with phones.  I hope it works for you, too.  If it doesn't, please let us know, of course, as we can try other things, and the HughesNet reps can get involved if we fellow customers can't figure it out.  


Good luck!  🙂    

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It seemed to work yesterday, but today I'm back to sad doggy with an "Uh-oh" message.

Hi Radagast,


When did you first begin having this issue? The original problem started back in July of this year and since the network had the fixes put in, we have not received many, if any Amazon-specific complaints since then. So, if you have not had your issue resolved since then, I think we need to do some more troubleshooting. Depending on the answer to the above is, I will give you the appropriate next steps.






I got HughesNet Gen5 installed in April (1st bill in May). This problem has been occurring off & on ever since. I thought it was an Amazon problem at first, because only Amazon access was affected. It took a few months for me to realize it was a HughesNet problem, then I thought you network fixes (11/09?) might fix it. But I have had a terrible time getting my holiday shopping done. I live off-grid (on solar & propane), so Amazon is a primary shopping source. I shut down my electronics whenever they're not in use, to conserve electricity (I don't have enough batteries yet - too expensive). So I reboot my modem/wi-fi at least once a day. I restart my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) whenever it gets sluggish. But otherwise, my phone is on 24/7, just no wi-fi most of the time. It's weird though, that I can have the problem and set the phone aside while I do something else, then pick it up a few hours later and have no problem, even though I changed nothing.

I've been having problems accessing Amazon on and off since the Gen 5 install. Was working fine literally an hour ago, but now get this. Other sites appear to be fully accessible.



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I've been having this happen quite a bit over the last few days.  One thing that sometimes seems to get it going is to flush my DNS cache.  It doesn't always work, but sometimes it does.  


If you're not aware of how to do this, close your browser, then open your command prompt and type, without the quotes, "ipconfig /flushdns", then hit enter (there's a space between ipconfig and /flushdns).  It should give you a confirmation of success.  Then close the command prompt, open your browser and try again.  


I hope this works for you.  No guarantees, but it's worth a try.  

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