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An alternative developing

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Re: An alternative developing

mdhobbs, you are certainly something else. Most everything I read from you is negative. Frequently bashing someone or something. Even when you are presenting with facts from people way more experienced in Satellite operations you refuse to believe them. Satellite works great for me as well and I get fantastic speed most of the time. I have encountered problems but I worked with the folks here on this forum and they were resolved. As I have seen posted before stop calling Tier 1 everyday. Works with the corporate folks here and fix your issue. Or you can continue to complain and bash everyone and deal with a system not up to par. It really is your choice. The way your are going about it will get you more and more isolated.

Merry Christmas!
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Re: An alternative developing

Why ricky, your presence and/or input into my issue is certainly not required!! Go somewhere safe, warm and cozy, where there are no problems to contend with and you are free to revel in your delusion. Some of us have legitimate service problems to contend with and your cheerleading for the HughesNet team is meaningless.

It remains consistent that when you folks lurking here can no longer support your “facts” you immediately turn to ridicule and insult. Speaks volumes about your character, would you not agree?

Again, please feel free to avoid me and anything I am contending with. I don’t need another level of pious ignorance to have to wade through.

Fair enough?  
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Re: An alternative developing

You are correct. My input is not required. I just wanted to post my view of your attitude on the forum and the way you are going about getting help. I will try to avoid you as I am sure more and more people are. So good luck with resolving your issues.
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Re: An alternative developing

Sadly Mr. Hobbs got off to rocky start here in the Community.

While anger and frustration go hand-in-hand with anything computer and or networking related Mr. Hobbs would come across at times as  .... caustic.

One thing that strikes me is that in many places his threads lost "continuity" in the respect that the ... thrust of the conversation was not maintained ... (questions/answers) were not added to the bottom of the conversation. They became saturated with "subtopics" within the topic.

In many cases someone may ask a "loaded" question that really defines a branch that needs to be looked at. If that question is not answered then that area is not addressed as well as it could be.

Anything having to do with computers and networking require a Divide & Conquer approach. This is where "loaded questions" come into play.

Those of us "regulars" here in the Community have a wealth of practical experience that does not originate in a script.

Here in the Community there is no Tier 1, Tier 2 ... where each successive contact requires that a user start from square one, advancing to the next level, each being a "filter". Here the case can be escalated to the proper department including Engineering if the facts warrant that.

There is no way that common sense says .... "I'm at the Corporate Level .... I think I'll start over at Tier 1".

I had for example posted a link to the user manual for the HN9000 modem that gives many useful details regarding that system ... including how to "toggle" Turbopage.

The remote aspect of a satellite connection implies that a user is involved to some degree in diagnosis ... this simply is not a terrestrial connection ... it has more moving parts ... period.

In the end this Community is a shortcut to getting direct escalation.

I understand that the lower tier scripted phone support is frustrating. I understand that trying to advance to the next support level is difficult. I know that the small team of Advanced Technical  Support is not the best at getting those calls out.

I also understand that the chance of a real Engineer calling a subscriber directly is about equal too my winning the Lotto or getting hit by a meteorite. Simply put ... Engineers are too busy and to focused  to wade through the inevitable rhetoric that most user level subscribers are get in to.

They work their "magic" behind the scenes and the update either the Community Mods or perhaps "Advanced Support" if further info or contact is needed.

Anyone that thinks either wise has a very poor grasp of computer/networking issues.

Mr. Hobbs has been repeatedly abusive to the Forum Mods (to me common sense says that will put you to the bottom of the queue) to regulars like Corrosive that I'm sure has more knowledge of computers and networking than Mr. Hobbs knows about cattle or .. BirdDog who ran a satellite NOC for the Air Force to perhaps even myself who may or may not have been referred to as a sub-human Knuckle Dragging Slug.

We here in the Community have done our best to help "quantify" Mr. Hobbs problems with his connection. The Mods have given him a "get out of jail free card".

If he is as unhappy as he seems, why hasn't he taken the offer?



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Re: An alternative developing

There now. How easy was that!

You see, I was instructed to come to this site in order to be able to confer with “upper-level” tech support on issues the folks at the first level of support are not well versed enough to address.

Upon my arrival here, after posting my problems, I was instantly assailed by rude and condescending shade-tree wizards, all delighted to gloat over my lack of computer/internet knowledge. It has digressed from there.

There has been no meaningful contact with any of the Hughes employees at this site. Period. Chris has asked a couple of pertinent questions and he did send an "agent" to my ranch to verify my representations regarding devices being used and their configuration.

Indicative of the puffed up egos encountered here, one of the “wizards" pounces upon my term “agent”, claiming he was “only a contractor” hired by Hughes. Do I care what his official moniker is? No! I care about equity. I want the service I am being charged for and I want it without having to endure all these egotistical wizards, saturating the issues with their incessant flatulence.

Instead, it is quite apparent the actual employees are far too burdened with the voluminous numbers of legitimate complaints and problems to be effective in remediation. They simply do not have time to address the massive amount of consumer complaints received. It will only go so far and then the post gets locked or blocked for comment. Sometimes the heat just gets too hot. 

From the perspective of actual customer service, if Hughes were legitimately interested in providing the service they are charging for, they would assign a portion of their profits into expanding and improving their on-line tech support, would they not? HughesNet obviously does not see it that way. Instead, the customer's primary access to tech support is apparently based in the Philippines, where cheap, inferior  labor is abundantly available and accountability nonexistent.

The secondary level of tech support is supposedly accessed through this site, apparently staffed by 4 employees and a unknown number of volunteer “wizards", anxious to impress someone with their technology acumen. The problem is, and clearly underscores HughesNet’s priorities, the actual employees only work banker’s hours, 5 days a week! What does that tell you about professionalism? 

The bottomline is very simple. There are many, many customers who know the shabby treatment received trying to do business with Hughes. Hughes fails to provide a level playing field, offering any number of “plans” that involve a myriad of variables. I personally believe they have far over subscribed their available band width to maximize profit at the expense of customer satisfaction and they are accustomed to getting by with it. 

Measured by any yardstick, HughesNet is a grossly inferior, pathetically managed company. 

Merry Christmas
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Re: An alternative developing

Most all corporate officers at most all companies only work, "Bankers hours", but many are "on call" in the event something major happens.
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Re: An alternative developing

More importantly, Gwalk, how am I in any way accountable to you? Who are you to assume you have any implication in my business? Again, your derogatory dissertation above is indicative of your continued, mundane rhetoric and verbal flatulence. I was encouraged to come to this site to interact with the next level of tech support. Not suffer the mindless dribble, condescension and rudeness available in such tonnage.  

Let’s do this: 1. "There is no way that common sense says .... "I'm at the Corporate Level .... I think I'll start over at Tier 1”. Excellent observation.....albeit horribly flawed. Corporate level has no time or inclination, being constantly inundated with angry, frustrated customers! Calling the first level does get a response and typically we put another bandaid on the wound. Again, another example of your myopic vision.

2. "I also understand that the chance of a real Engineer calling a subscriber directly is about equal too my winning the Lotto or getting hit by a meteorite.” Why then, would the customer be so told? You can’t possibly respond to that because you don’t know! It is merely indicative of flawed business policy.  

I will not digress any further into my motives with you. You are insignificant and meaningless in this context. My rationale for remaining in contract with HughesNet is certainly none of your business but is definitely coupled to a much larger objective. End of story as far you are concerned. 

So, be on about your way and again, I invite you to please ignore me.

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Re: An alternative developing

Yes sir!!! I have no tolerance for imbeciles. You are excused. 
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Re: An alternative developing

OK???? How does that have anything to do with my statement above? Because Ford executives work 5 days a week, that has any impact on HughesNet customer service? Do you REALLY believe that comment had any meaning? 
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Re: An alternative developing

The problem is, and clearly underscores HughesNet’s priorities, the actual employees only work banker’s hours, 5 days a week! What does that tell you about professionalism?