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Anybody still having windoze update problems?


Anybody still having windoze update problems?

I woke up at 1:57 AM this morning and remembered I hadn't done any windoze updates on the W7 and the 2 W10 computers this month. While I headed for the requisite drink and a snack, I decided what the hey, maybe go set them right now quicklike before going back to bed.

I checked the W7 and it showed it wanted two important and one optional for a total of around 250 MB. Then I checked the two W10 computers. I didn't bother looking at the size of the updates they wanted but just noticed they wanted a bunch of them.  I took them off their metered connection settings so they could do their thing. According to all of the notifications I was able to see, the W10 computers were finished by 4:16 AM. The W7 computer finished at 2:08 AM.

All Hughes trackers show around 75 MB downloaded and the Status Meter showed around 85 MB total usage for the Bonus Bytes period to feed all three their updates and let the 2 W10 computers have their fill of unrestricted Norton Live Updates.

Not very data expensive at all.

Re: Anybody still having windoze update problems?

Not bad.


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Re: Anybody still having windoze update problems?

Sounds like what GabeU has been experiencing - super cool Smiley Happy

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Re: Anybody still having windoze update problems?

In addition to what I've experienced with Hughes' data count vs Glasswire's, I've also noticed that many times when Windows shows a certain size in updates it's an Up To amount (hmm...where have I heard that term before? Smiley Happy), but they don't always actually download that much.

When I used to update my folks' Windows 7 and 8.1 laptop, I would see it say a certain amount, say 250MB, and it would start to download, as was evidenced by the modem's activity, and the percentage of completion would rise.  It would then stop downloading, but the completion percentage would continue to climb until it finally started to install.  Sometimes it would even stop downloading when only 10% or so were completed, then it would climb through the 100% mark and start installing without it ever downloading anything more from 11% on.   

Windows is a fickle beast!  LOL.  

At least your downloads went relatively speedily.  The last ones I did took over 24 hours.  SLOWWWW.  

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