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Anyone else not able to access email? Ive been unable for a week...

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Anyone else not able to access email? Ive been unable for a week...

I have never, ever, dealt with a company so incompetent that cannot fix their own problems they create. My email/main login was working fine last friday (9/27)morning, but havent been able to access it since, system claims password is incorrect. I called hughesnet Monday 9/30 (didnt attempt over the weekend to avoid being connected to an overseas call center) to report the outage. I called 9/30, HN(Frank) asked for 48 hours, not working after 48 hours, called 10/2, HN(Richard) asked for 48 hours, claiming engineering is having "issues". He assured me it would be fixed within the 48. Still no go this morning 10/4, called HN(Tony G.) and he said give engineering 2 hours. Nothing. Called back after 3 hours (This time "Wade W") and he is saying that Hughesnet is having trouble with email for many people, a glitch in the system, and reassured me engineers are working on the problem and my case has been escalated. O yeah, wait 48 hours!


BTW, this seems to be a separate issue from what others are having (404 errors, etc) I cannot access only the main email address I had back prior to Gen 4, I assume it was a Gen 3 system. It was attached to the old SAN DSS# (which I still get billed under) and all other email addresses are on new SAN. I cannot access the particular email, nor retrieve password, as HN states password retrieval questions have not been set up. Like I said, I have used the same login and password for years now and it just quit sometime after I logged in last Friday. Other logins on my account, such as the spouse and kids, working fine.


In this day and time of electronic billing, autodrafts, estatements, electronic reservations, whatever, most of us rely on email to access our financial information,etc. And it seems HughesNet is NOT up to the task of providing timely resolutions to problems with their system. I mean A WEEK without email? Totally Totally ridiculous. I have been polite as possible to these phone agents, but I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs, or better yet, switching to the (only other) provider of satellite internet.