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App won’t work for NY users

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App won’t work for NY users

I am on the ny broadband program and my app won’t work (it will not let me sign on-I can sign on at the website). This is what I was told previously:

<< Thank you for your screenshots and additional details you've PM'd me. After discussing with our devs and reviewing your account, I've learned that currently the HughesNet mobile app is being planned for future use by New York Broadband customers like yourself, this explains the current situation. >>

Can’t this be fixed??
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Re: App won’t work for NY users



Did it work before and now it's not?


If it's never worked, and judging by the reply you received, it likely won't until they make whatever changes they have to with the app to work with the NY Broadband plans.  Either that or make a new one that is specifically designed to work only with those particular plans.


Edit:  I just saw your prior posts concerning this issue.  I hope they can remedy this situation for you and other NY Broadband plan subscribers soon.

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